Definition of Historical Fiction

Historical fiction tells a story that is set in the past. The setting is usually real and drawn from history, and often contains actual historical persons, but the main characters tend to be fictional. 

Historical story presents readers with a story that takes place during a notable period in history, and usually during a significant event in that period. Historical fiction often presents actual events from the point of view of fictional people living in that time period.

Definition of Setting

The time, place, & even mood where your news report takes place.

Historical Fiction News Report Play


For each unit students will need to write a play script for a minute long news report.  The plays from each unit will be saved by Mr. Lockner.  At the end of the school year students will be put in news teams where they will produce a video that has a modern day news team reporting live from each of the ancient civilizations we studied.  This project will require some creative writing while demonstrating knowledge of key concepts from our studies. 

How to Start:


First, decide on the concepts from the unit you are going to incorporate into your play.  (concepts could be key people, locations, vocabulary words, or even themes)  Second, figure out the historical setting for your news report.  Third, you must have a news event that brought your news team to this location to report on.  Finally, as you are writing your play you should keep a list of characters, props needed, & write down stage directions/movement for characters.


Stone Age News Report

By: John Doe

Unit Concepts & Terms Covered: Farming Revolution, Forming of Jericho Civilization, Paleolithic, Neolithic, Copper Ax, Technology, Otzi, Nomadic

Historical Setting: This report takes place when Jericho is being founded.  There is an excitement in the air amongst citizens as they settle from a nomadic way of life in the farming revolution.

News Event:  The farming revolution/people starting a civilization.

Props: Microphone, bronze ax, gardening tools

Characters: Reporter, Stone Age Nomad, Stone Age Nomads Child, Extra cast could just be citizens milling around in the background


(Scene opens with a reporter walking into the shot with a microphone.  Several Stone Age nomads are walking back and forth, holding farm equipment)


Reporter:  Iím here live where a foundation is being laid for what appears to be the settlement of Jericho. (Pause) Not too far from where I reported last week about the mysterious disappearance of Otzi.  Otzi disappeared with his bow and a new technology an ax made out of copper.  (holding up an example of Otziís copper ax)  


Reporter: (Stone Age Nomad holding farming tools comes walking onto screen again) You sir! (Stone Age Nomad points to himself) Yes you, may I ask you a few questions?


Stone Age Nomad: Sure, I have a few spare moments that I didnít have before.


Reporter: What is with all the commotion here?  And, what did you mean about having more time that you didnít have before?


Stone Age Nomad: We are all excited because someone has invented a technique that we are calling farming.  Now we donít have to always be nomadic on the search for food.  Instead, we are planting crops & it is allowing us to produce more food than we could ever consume.  I personally have more time because other members of my family can grow enough food for themselves and me.


Reporter: With this new found time on your hands what will you do with your extra time?


Stone Age Nomad: I plan on perfecting my pottery and other crafts in the hope of being able to trade with other people from the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age. 


Stone Age Nomad Child: (excitedly run up to parent) They are calling our new town Jericho!


Reporter:  There you have it folks, you are seeing this early civilization of Jericho come to life.  (pauses putting their finger up to their ear like they are listening to an ear piece microphone) This just in folks, they are calling the new period of the Stone Age the Neolithic Period!  It looks like the farming revolution is ushering in a new way of life.  Back to you in the studio!


Things to Think About

         You donít know who will play what parts at the end of the year so use general names and avoid using specific names and avoid gender casting. 

         How many concepts did you cover? The more you use the better.

         Be clever, it will take several drafts to get your best product.